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ZR biotech Ltd
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ZR Biotech: Science meets Health

Innovative Medical Solutions for your Health

About ZR biotech Ltd

Founded in 2023 by TCD&UCD alumni, ZR Biotech is an innovative medical device company based in Ireland and led by Chinese entrepreneur Liu Zhen. Our first product, a non-invasive glucometer, has gained significant market recognition due to its painless and infection-free method of measuring blood glucose levels.  At ZR Biotech, we are committed to leveraging our unique resources in the biomedical sector to efficiently transform and elevate the achievements of both China and Ireland in this field.

Meet the Experts Behind ZR biotech Ltd

Arina Liu

Led by Liu Zhen, also known as Arina Leslie Liu, ZR Biotech is driven by the vision and leadership of this dynamic young Chinese female entrepreneur. Hailing from Hunan, Liu Zhen brings a wealth of expertise and passion to the company's endeavors. With over 15 years of experience in biological enzymes, her leadership guides ZR Biotech's scientific research team towards innovative solutions in the field of biomedicine.

Peng Shandong

As the Head of R&D for ZR Biotech in the US, Peng plays a pivotal role in steering our innovative medical device company towards new heights. Peng is responsible for overseeing all aspects of our research and development activities , with a primary focus on our specialty - non-invasive blood glucose monitoring and tracking services.

At the heart of ZR Biotech lies its scientific research team, boasting unparalleled expertise and dedication to advancing knowledge in biological enzymes. With decades of combined experience, the team's deep understanding of enzyme dynamics and applications fuels the company's pursuit of groundbreaking technologies.

Scientific Excellence

Our passion for medical research and development is what sets us apart. We're committed to delivering innovative solutions that improve healthcare outcomes for people around the world.We are experienced professionals that combine a deep understanding of medical science with cutting-edge technology to produce innovative products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

ZR Biotech

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Our Future Goals

Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring and tracking services are just the beginning for ZR Biotech. We aim to utilise our resource advantages in more specialised fields of biomedicine, transforming the high-quality resources and achievements of both China and Ireland with higher efficiency.

Arina Liu

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